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Xochitl decided to become a dance fitness instructor after experiencing an allergic reaction that was thought to be Covid 19. She got sick the day before California went into quarantine 2020. As soon as she got better she realized her quick recovery was due to her dancing and healthy lifestyle. 
Since then, Xochitl has acquired many different dance fitness certifications (certificates posted on the Zumba Hours page) with a passion to spread the joy that keeps her alive and well everyday. All the while, continuing her ballroom dance education and competing as an Amateur, winning multiple awards. She is now in teacher training and offers ballroom lessons at competitive prices.

Take a  dance fitness class with a student of some of the best in Northern California. Join the Zumba Performance Team. 

With all Dance Fitness packages you get free links to pre-recorded classes with a subscription to our YouTube channel.
Dance Fitness includes Zumba, Zumba kids, Strong Nation, Chi Chi Fit and Fit Steps. In addition, you will get one private lesson a month with Xochitl.

Leave a message in the Contact us form if you'd like a lesson with the stars of The Ba.Bl. Reel.
Depending on your dance teacher of choice, the prices will vary.

Payments:  Credit Card and PayPal and Venmo are accepted for all classes. You can pay in advance with online services or pay with or credit before the class starts. 

If you'd like any of the classes that are "coming soon" please   send a message on the Contact Us page. 


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Up to 64 classes a month All levels are welcome to join these virtual classes.

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Dance Fitness classes

Zumba with XML
at VIP dance studio in Fair Oaks, CA
In the park is By Appointment Only
Virtual available 
45 mins  class

$5 introductory and virtual
$20 thereafter


Partner dancing Private Lessons

By appointment only
45 minute classes.
Prices may vary depending on your choice of teacher. 

$60 - $100 for singles
$100 $140 for couples

Dance Fitness Package Deal

Full Month Package
Access to all adult dance fitness classes
Zumba, Chi Chi Fit and Strong Nation
Or Zumbini and Zumba kidz
Virtual classes available 

$200 per person 
per month for unlimited 

Ballroom Group classes

Bring friends or make new ones.
coming soon

$15 per person

Zumba and Zumba Kidz Indoors

By appointment only
Virtual available

$5 introductory
$15 thereafter

Ballroom Solo classes

coming soon

$20 per person


4 week sessions 2 classes a week.
Late starts are accepted after the first week. By appointment only
Virtual Available

$100 per session

Look Like a Pro classes

Do you want to be competitive? This group class will improve your technique and give you an idea of how competitive dancers train. Find a partner with compatible skills. Leave feeling like a Pro.
coming soon

$20 per person

Strong Nation

A series of HITT exercises.
High Interval Tempo Training is Body weight  movements choreographed to music.  40 minutes once a week.
This class is not offered at the current time. Stay updated and make the request.
coming soon

$5 per person
$15 therafter

Chi Chi Fit

A Broadway Style Dance Fitness class. 
45 minutes. This class is not offered at the current time. Stay updated and make the request.
coming soon

$5 per person
$15 thereafter

2 Hour Full Body Workout Session

A 2 hour session of stretch, light weights and bands, plus dance fitness with some HITT movements incorporated for a full body workout geared toward dancers to increase agility, strength, balance, mobility and memorization.
coming soon.

$10 per person
or $200 a month
for unlimited 

Dance Consultation

An hour Consultation to discuss your dance journey, where to begin, what you can do to move forward, what to look out for, new teachers, best studios, shoes, proper attire, pros and cons, and your best options. All ages.


Chair Zumba

30 minutes of Dance fitness for people in wheelchairs and the elderly. I will travel to your facility or we can meet at our current place of business. Current location has Wheel Chair access.

$5 introductory and virtual
$30 per class

Dance Performances

Promotional Performances 
Zumba Performance Team
Acapella X Performance
Xochitl's Solo Performance
Ballroom Performance Team 
Salsa Performance Team
Contact Us

Acapella X

30 - 45 minutes of an Acapella Performance by Singer Acapella X
Songs from the 50s to Now. 


Childrens Musical Theater Choreography 

Brain Storm new and clever costume ideas, dance formation and scripting for Childrens Muscial Theater. This can be a 1 hour meeting or a stay through the rehearsal phase.

$50 and hour

Acting Classes
coming soon

These group classes will give you the chance to perform in front of an audience. You'll get coaching as well as an honest review from a supportive group of peers.


Beginners Ballet
and Hip Hop Freestyle

This class is meant to help you with flexibility and preps you for heels in ballroom. It will help you find your own particular rhythm and style. Learn new techniques and choreo.

$15 per class or
$200 per month unlimited

Masters Workshops

Workshops with the best in the entertainment industry. 

$ may vary

Full List of Montly and Yearly Price Plans

All Day Dance
All Year Dance 
Dance Fitness 
Private lesson Packages

Price Plans Here

Coming Soon

Occupational Therapy for Dancers and Athletes, Master Classes with World Champions and Lectures with Master in the Perfoming Arts.


Special Event Dances

4 Lessons for 2 people and $10 for every extra person.
An experienced instructor will help you choreograph your special dance.


Coming Soon

Occupational Therapy for Dancers and Athletes, Acting Workshops, Language Arts, Voice Lessons, Writing Workshops, Master Classes with World Champions and Lectures with Master in the Perfoming Arts.

$ May Vary

Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Zumba, Zumba Kidz, Zumbini, Chi Chi Fit, Dance Fitness, and  Partner Dances: Salsa, Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, Rumba, Swing and Cha Cha and more. Xochitl's classes are virtual. 
We offer new and used dance and fitness attire other related items in The BABL Store and the websites list.

How can you offer such low prices?

I am still competing as an Amatuer until the end of the year. I do not have my NDCA certifications. Although, you do not need to be certified to teach dance, I am currently in teacher training to develop teaching and higher level dance skills at the Professional Ballroom Teachers Academy. As soon as I get certified for ballroom my prices will go up but because I am a competitive dancer I will always have competitive prices (wink). So, get it on your calendar soon!
As for Zumba, Chi Chi and dance fitness, I have been teaching since 2020 and offer competitive prices for all of my classes. 
Why the prices vary depending on the teacher:
Lessons with the star Instructors, Dan Lee Tran and Wesley Bradshaw vary. Dan is independent and decides his own prices. Most independent instructors accept gifts such as a meal or snacks, rides etc. in exchange for a lower price. They make most of their money in competitions and showcases. I would say it is customary to offer a coffee and definitely give a gift for any special occasion. You can negotiate a lower price if you purchase a large sum of lessons at once. 
Wesley works with Arthur Murray and is a highly skilled dancer with 2 dance degrees. He has been pro since he was 12 years old. Being from another country, he prefers working under the security of a franchise and his sponsors. Arthur Murray prices are the same for all of the teachers regardless of skill, education or background and it is expensive. It is also customary to give them gifts.

Are you certified, permitted and licensed?

Yes, I am fully certified for Zumba, Chi Chi Fit and Dance fitness. You can view all of my dance fitness certifications in the Gallery.  I am also a certified Full Bronze dancer. My Zumba classes in the park are fully permitted and I am licensed to use all of my music. 

How can I contirbute?

We are so glad that you even had the thought, number one. We thank all of you for your support. It means the world to us. 
You can donate to the show via paypal, information on the home page. All donations go right back into the show and our different projects at The Ba.Bl. Reel. 
You can take classes with Xochitl or if you'd prefer a lesson with her extraordinary instructor Wesley B. or Daniel Lee Tran, you can email [email protected] and inquire about lessons. So leave an email with a name and number, how you heard about us and why you decided to take lessons. 
We also offer new and used dance and fitness items in The BABL Stores. All profits help support the show. 
You can also subscribe to the YouTube Channel For FREE!
We are always looking for Sponsors. If you'd like to sponsor Xochitl and her dance partners or the YouTube Channel, we are now members of .OpenSponsorship.com.

Will Xochitl and Wesley be performing soon?

As dancers we are always performing. Wesley has multiple performances a year. You can check him out on Instagram for updates. 
Xochitl is currently working on a theatre show and some things for television and film. At this point in her career she is still in the beginning stages. The pandemic has put a halt on all of her projects but she hasn't given up. 
The two can only perform together in Arther Murray Showcases and some of their free dance parties. It isn't definite that they will be doing "outside competitions" together again. 
In 2022, the tour of multiple performances and competitions entered with Dan Lee Tran ended at the Embassy World Championships. Xochitl also perfromed and competed with the Spirits in Motion Dance Company. Due to some unfortunate events Xochitl is no longer with the SIM Team. 
Currently, there are no more performances scheduled.
Sign up For updates on shows and competitions and how to get a spectator ticket. Join the emailing list. Our Subscribers get the invites. It is not usually posted to the public as some of these performances and competitions are for private clubs and events.

Who have Wesley and Xochitl trained with?

Wesley Bradshaw has had many coaches, dance directors and teachers in Contemporary Dance that helped him win multiple World Championships as a Professional. In Ballroom specifically, he was trained by some of Arthur Murray's biggest names.
In Xochitl's early years, she trained in Ballet Folklorico with Monica Zuniga. She's had many teachers in jazz, modern, ballet, tap and hip hop. In ballroom, Xochitl started her competitive career with Wesley Bradshaw and trained shortly with Bobby Gonzalez an Arthur Murray coach and judge. As an Arthur Murray student she was able to get coaching with the same judges that trained Wesley such as Tonia Kosovich and Drew Miller. Xochitl is currently in teacher training with Gwen Burton, the founder of Spotlight Ballroom and the Professional Ballroom Teacher Academy in Sacramento. She is continuing her competitive training with Dan Lee Tran, a two time Professional World Champion who has trained multiple award winning Amateurs almost every year. There, she was able to meet and take lessons with some of the greatest ballroom dancers in the world such as Victor Fung and Jose DeCamps.
Our newest addition, Dan Lee Tran, trained at Fred Astaire dance studio where he became a  teacher. After winning 2 World Championships as a Pro, he went on to teach independently and studied an online teachers course. Then he  worked with Ron Montez. Having many friends in ballroom, Dan has the opportunity to work and train with a long list of some Ballrooms biggest names and World Dance Champions in the industry such as Karina Smirnoff, Victor Fung and Jose DeCamps.

Problems with PayPal or Venmo?

We have yet to have any shipping issues with Xochitl's new and used shop. However, if you choose to use PayPal or Venmo to make a purchase and decide to return the item, we are not responsible for any of their company policies. You will be making that transaction at your own will. I can only offer receipts and photos of the product and the final transaction. While I will do everything I can to resolve a problem, any other issues with receiving the return payment will have to be called upon the payment service company and their customer service.

There are options to pay with credit card or debit in the Merch Store. I do also take credit card payments for the new and used shop. I do not make any sales on my new and used items without an email or phone call.